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  • I am an elementary school teacher and mother and having clean hands is important to me.  Throughout the day I use Squeeze Pod’s natural hand purifier; it’s the best I have found.  They fit in my pocket or baby bag and don’t dry out my hands like alcohol does, plus they have natural ingredients!

    Kathleen M., Chicago, IL
  • Finally, there is a product that makes life on the road easier!  Squeeze Pod works great, is small and light so it can easily travel with me on all my flights.  I fly 200,000 miles each year; Squeeze Pod is perfect for the business traveler. Thanks for your innovation!

    Tim C., Chicago, IL
  • I am always on the move and Squeeze Pod is perfect for me.  I trust natural ingredients and like that Squeeze Pod is small and easy to carry in my pocket.   The Toilet Odor Eliminator is awesome – small and discrete, works well, and smells fresh in my small shared office space.

    Emily J., NYC, NY
  • Squeeze Pods are traveling & packing game changers.  Best product for traveling with toiletries ever!  They take up very little space and deliver great lotions – they speed up the time it takes to get through TSA at the airport.

    Rob C., Missoula, MT
  • I travel extensively and I am always in search of a high-quality, travel friendly shave cream. I’m ecstatic that I discovered Squeeze Pod products. The shave cream is extremely lubricating and covers my legs while still delivering the gentle, all natural ingredients my sensitive skin needs. A little goes a long way.

    Kristie T., Putnam, CT
  • I shave my head and I get a great shave with this new Shave Cream by Squeeze Pod.  The pods are small but they provide a good amount of concentrated cream that covers my head and face.  My girlfriend really likes the woodsy fragrance.  Also like that Squeeze Pods are Made in the USA.

    John E., Sacramento, CA
  • I love the Squeeze Pod Hand Purifier.  It keeps my hands moisturized and clean on the go.  My least favorite part of being a yoga instructor is handling the mats – which are not the cleanest.  I use this Hand Purifier because it is so portable, made with natural ingredients, and cleans without water.

    Samantha G., Houston, TX
  • Landed in Tokyo after a long flight and had wicked BAD airplane hair! Yikes!  Squeeze Pod Hair Gel made a difference in just a few seconds so I could meet my clients for a night on the town.  Love this product!

    James T., Boston, MA
  • Traveling 3 out of 5 days per week for business can be challenging.  Squeeze Pod has helped me be ready to go on a moment’s notice.  I keep them packed in my toiletry bag which fits perfectly in my carry-on bag. These are the best new travel-size products.

    Kate O., Newport Beach, CA
  • I just discovered Squeeze Pods and am really happy how easy they are to open, and use and carry.  My hands are stiff with arthritis and opening bottles is difficult.  I use the moisturizing lotion on my hands and face – thanks Squeeze Pod!

    Tom C., Naples, FL